My TV Channels brings more television channel to DIRECTV

October 4, 2016

My TV Channels increases its channel line-up with DirecTV.  These new 30 channels are available immediately to all DirecTV customers who update their set-top box by downloading the software available through our website.


DIRECTV NOW, launching in the fourth quarter of this year, will offer customers access to more than 100 channels, including live and on-demand programming from top networks, as well as premium add-on options. AT&T and DIRECTV customers will be able to access and stream the service over a wired or wireless Internet connection using a variety of connected devices without requiring additional hardware, satellites, long-term contracts or credit checks.


Here' the list of the My TV Channels now available to DirecTV customers:


Channel 5554- Preach the Word Network

Channel 5555- New Beginning Tv Network

Channel 5556- LINC TV Network

Channel 5557- XTREME TV Network

Channel 5558- SPYDAR TV Network

Channel 5559- LifeVision TV Network

Channel 5560- Npowered Tv Network

Channel 5561- Holyfield TV Network

Channel 5562- Me Plus You Network

Channel 5563- American Cooking Network

Channel 5564- Jeffery B. Valentine†Network

Channel 5565- Black Contemporary TV (BCTV)†Network

Channel 5566- Living Faith TV†Network

Channel 5567- Dot TV†Network

Channel 5568- Alerta TV

Channel 5569- Alerta Musica TV  

Channel 5570- CB24

Channel 5571- La Cadena Del Milagro

Channel 5572- TeleKaribe  

Channel 5573- Televida En Cristo 

Channel 5574- Aviva TV 

Channel 5575- Promesas TV

Channel 5576- CCN 

Channel 5577- CCN Latino

Channel 5578- FPG TV 

Channel 5579- SafeTV 

Channel 5580- Aleluya TV 

Channel 5581- Impacto De Gracia 

Channel 5582- El Shaddai TV 

Channel 5583- TeleVozMundial  



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